The Origin of your hair?

Indian Hair - Chennai and New Delhi India
Cambodian Hair - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Burmese - Myanmar, Burma
What is the difference between the three?
Indian Hair has a more silky texture than both the Cambodian and Burmese Hair. Both the Cambodian and Burmese Hair have a thicker more coarse texture. The Burmese hair is a little more coarse than the Cambodian hair. The Burmese hair is also fuller than both the Cambodian and Indian because of the curly curl pattern.
What is Raw Hair? What is the difference between "Raw" and "Virgin"?
Raw hair, is hair in its natural form with no steam or chemical processing. Virgin hair is, hair the has been steamed to change the curl pattern of the hair.
The hair we provide is single drawn, mostly to keep the cost down to our customers.
Yes! This hair can be bleached, cut, curled, and styled as you would your natural hair.

Hair Tip: After bleaching/lifing hair you should always deep condition the hair to restore moisture to the hair.
Does your Custom Krowns By Kris hair shed?
No, our hair does not shed excessively. There is minimal to no shedding. Please note that cutting the wefts may result in shedding. When cutting your wefts please remember to seal your wefts to prevent shedding. Also seal the knots on all lace items to prevent shedding.