Custom Krowns By Kris is a Raw and Virgin unprocessed Hair Company, this is my very own hair company started by me Kristen. I love every single thing that there is to know about hair and I am more than excited to share my brand with the world.

My hair company is primarily here to provide the BEST virgin hair on the market that can not be beat and with a affordable price and I truly stand behind this. All of our virgin hair has been hand selected with our customers in mind and we truly think that you would be happy if you decide to purchase from us and even not, we are 100% open to feedback or you can leave a review. 

I have been doing hair for about 14 years so now going into providing the hair for my clients is  very different but I LOVE everything about it and I can definitely say that I am big on customer service so if you are not happy, please contact us. It truly brings great joy to share this BRAND, MY BRAND with the world that I absolutely love. So why not shop with the best when it comes to your hair?

We sincerely hope that you are truly in love with your Custom Krowns, if it is bundles, wigs, closures, or hair products. We want to hear for our supporters. Please leave us any reviews that you guys may have when it comes to Custom Krowns.


With Love,



Custom Krowns CEO